Below are our current charges for the services that are not covered by OHIP.  Please feel free to ask us if you have any questions, and please notify the doctor if paying these fees poses any financial difficulties.



Visits – patient pays only if visit not covered by Canadian Medicare
Complete Physical/General Assessment $170.00
Intermediate Assessment (Regular visit) $70.00
Minor Assessment $45.00
Annual Health Examination (child after second birthday) $95.00


Other Services
Complete Medical and Form Completion (Driver, Superannuation) $195.00
TB Mantoux Test (including certificate if needed) $40.00
Travel Related Consultation and Advice
• One Person $60.00 (plus immunizations)
• Two people $80.00 (plus immunizations)
• Each additional person $20.00 (plus immunizations)
Treatment of non-insured lesions with liquid nitrogen $25.00
Immunization received solely for the purpose of travel outside Canada
• With visit $20.00
• Sole reason for visit $20.00
Certification of Incompetence (financial) including assessment to
determine incompetence
Completion of Sick Note $20.00
Completion of other Medical Forms (depends on complexity) $25.00 minimum
Disability Tax Credit Form Completion $75.00


Missed Appointments without Prior Notification
Regular visit $25.00
Complete physical or Talk $45.00


Chart Transfer
Copy of electronic chart $35.00
Photocopy of archived paper chart $35.00


Photocopies $1.00 per page


Dictation and Typing of Insurance or Medical Reports $25.00 minimum


Long Distance and Fax Toll Charges $10.00 minimum


School Medication Administration Form $15.00 minimum